Managed service levels for every organisation

Each service level offers a customised solution depending on your organisation’s strategy and requirements.

CloudControl Recommends

CloudControl Recommends

CloudControl Recommends

Find the secure plan
that’s right for you.


For maximum security

Monthly AWS Bill +



For cloud resiliency

Monthly AWS Bill +


Account management

• Analyse, Budget, Track, Forecast and Invoicing Management of your AWS Services

Change management

• Move/Add/Change/Remove existing architectures

Cost optimisation

• Move/Add/Change/Remove existing architectures

Technical support

• Phone and email support


• Reserved Instance planning and weekly usage reporting
• Expert advice from AWS Security Architects

Incident management

• 24/7 monitoring of your AWS environment with AWS native tools and third party tools
• Remediation of incidents or triggers
• Incidents, service level performance, root cause analysis (if applicable)

Identity and access management

• Managing Users and groups, EC2 keys, IAM Roles and SSH keys

Continuity cloud management

• Elastic Block Storage (EBS) managed snapshots and restoration
• Relational Database Service (RDS) managed snapshots and restoration

Devops services

• Platform-level and Application Support for standard AWS DevOps Tools
• Enhance AWS Monitoring (Datadog)
• Support for 3rd party tools

Operating system management

• Configuration, optimisation, upgrade and patching of your OS

To local regulatory standards
(e.g. MAS TRM, HKMA, etc.)
To Industry
best practice

Managed security

• Anti-Virus/Malware
• DDoS Mitigation
• Vulnerability Assessments
• Firewall Security Management


• Comprehensive CloudTrail support, complete audit logs, security checks and alerts
• Automated monitoring to fulfill local regulatory standards

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CloudControl is a cloud security platform by Pragma, a cybersecurity consultancy focused on helping organisations secure themselves from digital risks. CloudControl aims to provide a secure, affordable and constantly compliant cloud platform for organisations.


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